Supplier Development Programs

Mentor Me

Mentor Me is an exciting program for certified diverse businesses to advance and develop their business through Senior Corporate Executive mentoring. Through Mentor Me, diverse businesses will have the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback on their business in addition to enhancing their leadership and communication skills.

In the program, high potential diverse suppliers will be partnered with a team of Senior Executives from Ford and/or partner organizations. The diverse business and corporate mentor team will assess the diverse business, evaluate real-time organization challenges/situations and discuss the future of the business.

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Supplier Skills for Life

Supplier Skills for Life is a program where industry experts will discuss hot topics and share tools to help diverse businesses grow and develop. The program will include videos, frequently asked questions, checklists and other quick single-point lessons on topics of interest.

Ford is passionate about further education opportunities for its employees and the supply base; the Ford Supplier Diversity team will provide access to information and materials that will assist suppliers to maximize business opportunities. If you have a topic that you would like to learn more about, please submit your idea to: and we will do our best to include it in a future installment of Supplier Skills for Life.

Potential Criteria for a Supplier Skills for Life Topic:

  • Subject applies to a good percentage of diverse businesses
  • An area of opportunity for diverse businesses
  • Trending topics or areas of change
  • Information diverse businesses have a hard time getting


Topic: Succession Planning for MBE/WBE/VBEs

Hear from industry experts on why it is important for diverse businesses to have a proactive and robust succession plan.

Guest Presenters:

Laurie Sall – CEO, Laurie Sall & Associates, MBE/WBE

Michael Witzke – Estate Planning Attorney, McDonald Hopkins